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Come together at The Square

A diverse destination for dining, shopping, entertainment and play, this urban oasis is a gathering place for everyone in our community. Thriving businesses, education centres and civic services co-exist in the city centre.

Arts, culture, heritage and recreation are celebrated every day in our City. They are key pillars in the sustainability of Airdrie, and vital to making social connections and creating our sense of identity, place and community.

The Square will help Airdrie unlock its potential and capture the spirit and energy at our city’s core.

Children splashing in the spray park. Families gathering for cultural festivals. Friends meeting for lunch under the trees. Come together at The Square.


"The new Civic Centre is the heart of the city and engages Airdrie residents and visitors with a thriving main street, an active civic square, an inviting library and an accessible City Hall that work in synergy to define the civic identity of Airdrie."

AMSQ Vision for the project – 2015

1889 - Airdrie was named after a village northeast of Glasgow, Scotland.

Airdrie began as a rail settlement in the late 1800s due to its strategic location on the Calgary-Edmonton rail line and proximity to Nose Creek that offered a water source for rail needs and potable water for its inhabitants.

By the 20th century, the first wave of major development had begun along 1st Avenue and Main Street, east of the railroad track, known today as the Old Town area. These developments coincided with Airdrie becoming a major grain shipping hub.

1970 - Construction of the highway to Calgary dramatically changed the development pace and increased the desirability to reside in Airdrie.

1982 - A large-format, commercial retail area (Towerlane Mall) was developed south of the historical downtown area, forming an automobile-oriented environment.

2004 - the physical decline of the built form along Main Street and the economic downturn of the area led to the development of the commercial downtown core. The municipal offices moved to a renovated commercial building (former SuperValu grocery store).

2002 – 2016 - Airdrie’s population tripled in 14 years (21, 979 in 2002 to 61,842 in 2016) and is projected to increase to 110,000 by 2040.