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The Square. Ten years, four phases.

An incremental approach enables an immediate start with minimum disruption and maximum continued functioning of City Hall, the library and retail programs.

Phase 1: 2017-2018

Phase 1 begins with a new standalone church constructed to the rear of the existing church. The existing church is eventually demolished and replaced with a new retail building.

Retail units from the north wing of Main Street Square are relocated into the new retail building. The north wing of Main Street Square is then demolished and replaced with a retail building that can be used to relocate businesses from the east wing of Main Street Square. The first new retail building may potentially be able to accommodate all the existing businesses from both the north and east wings of Main Street Square. The phase is concluded with the demolition of the east wing of Main Street Square.

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Phase 2: 2018-2019

Phase 2 begins with the construction of a new library building on the former parking lot and east wing of Main Street Square. Once the library is complete, the old library is demolished and replaced with a surface parking lot or optionally a parking structure as determined in detailed design, informed by a parking study and construction efficiencies.

City Hall is renovated and will use part of the new library space as a temporary extension for city hall and swing space during the renovation. The civic plaza is constructed, completing the civic program for the project.

During construction, the old fire hall site is temporarily used for additional parking requirements. At the end of construction, The Square will be a central hub for people to connect and celebrate life in Airdrie.

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Phase 3: 2020-2021

If the parking structure is not completed in phase 2, it will be constructed in phase 3 on the former library site. An extension to City Hall is constructed. Temporary city hall space in the new library can now be relocated to the new City Hall. The library can now assume the remainder of its new building.

A new retail building is constructed on the southern edge of civic plaza creating additional retail space and framing the plaza.

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Phase 4: 2020-2023

The final retail building is constructed on the south end of the site. The south parking structure is constructed, freeing the old fire hall site from its duty as a temporary parking lot.

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The Square – a smart investment for Airdrie right now.

Meets the needs of a growing city

The Square is designed to meet the needs of our young, rapidly growing city, with a larger library, more space for the staff required to provide City services and programs and an opportunity to draw business into the downtown core.

A balanced approach

The plan is phased and easily scalable to respond to financial constraints or opportunities.

Low cost of borrowing

With interest rates as low as they possibly can go, it’s an ideal time to borrow necessary financing.

Lower construction costs

Forecast construction costs for 2016 are expected to drop by 13% from 2015 costs.

Ready for potential sources of project funding

During low points in the economy, it’s typical for governments to step in and provide stimulus funding. The infusion of grant dollars from both the federal and provincial governments is a means to create opportunity for jobs and boost economic activity.

Both federal and provincial governments have released 2016/17 budgets and both levels of government have planned for increased levels of stimulus funds. Planned public infrastructure projects, that are ready to go, tend to be in the best position to take full advantage of stimulus funds.